工业物联网解决方案 & 自定义应用程序开发服务

印度NIC是物联网服务和解决方案的领先提供商. 凭借其专业知识和创新的方法, 印度NIC helps businesses tap into the potential of 物联网 by developing cutting-edge applications for modern hardware-connected systems.


We create and provide Connected Car solutions using Bluetooth-powered OBD-2 devices, 全球定位系统(GPS), 地理围墙, 和物联网技术. These solutions enable us to collect real-time and continuous data about vehicles, 它们的位置, 以及其他相关细节. 该数据用于各种业务应用程序.

物联网 solutions for the automotive industry can be a perfect blend of onboard 传感器, 自定义bwin足球平台应用, 云存储以及用于获取数据的技术. 它有助于物联网应用和解决方案,如:

  • 基于OBD-2的车辆诊断解决方案
  • 远程车辆监控
  • 驾驶行为监控 & 安全
  • 智能车队管理系统
  • 预测性车辆维修
  • 智能交通 & 物流
  • 校车追踪


借助我们先进的物联网解决方案,提升您的零售业务. 在IT行业有超过20年的经验, we specialize in providing IT solutions tailored for retail businesses. Our expertise lies in optimizing 供应链管理 through state-of-the-art 物联网 applications and solutions.

By implementing our smart retail solutions, you can gain a competitive edge in the market. 这些解决方案旨在增强客户体验, 确保提高满意度和忠诚度. 凭借我们先进的物联网技术, 您可以简化操作, 提高效率, and ultimately boost your business’s success in the retail industry.

  • 智能零售供应链管理
  • 用于虚拟试穿的智能镜子
  • 智能货架上
  • 聪明的POS
  • 基于NFC的智能支付
  • 基于BLE的邻近营销
  • 智能派送管理
  • 库存 & 仓库自动化


We provide advanced technology solutions for your home to make your life easier and more enjoyable. By using 物联网 technology, we create personalized experiences for you in your own living space. Our 智能家居自动化 solutions are designed with our customers in mind, 它们是为满足你的特殊需求而量身定制的. 通过我们的安卓和iOS应用程序, 你可以很容易地控制和跟踪你的家的各个方面, 比如开关, 门联系人, 运动和光传感器, 智能恒温器, 室内监控摄像头, 智能锁.

  • 废物管理
  • 漏水检测
  • 停车管理系统
  • 家居保安管理
  • 测量 & 通过物联网传感器控制家庭环境
  • 使用基于物联网的bwin足球平台应用程序管理家用电器
  • 运行个性化时间表
  • 控制家庭访问
  • 节约能源 & 优化


We make business processes easier and boost productivity for enterprises and manufacturing with our Industrial 物联网 applications. These smart tools enable seamless communication between machines and humans, 确保实时透明度. 也, 我们的物联网应用程序有助于高效的资产跟踪, 供应链管理, 仓库管理, 以及交付解决方案.

  • 工厂完全自动化
  • 远程监控 & 质量检查
  • 利用物联网传感器跟踪制造设备
  • 智能资产跟踪解决方案
  • 智能仓库管理系统
  • 车队管理解决方案
  • 自定义Web和bwin足球平台应用程序分析


Internet of Things technology has been a boon for the healthcare industry and we feel proud to be a part of it. We provide bespoke and smart healthcare solutions using 物联网 and other technologies like custom iOS and Android app development, AR-VR, AI-ML, 穿戴, 等.

我们的重点是使医疗保健更智能、更高效. Our 物联网 applications for healthcare are designed to follow HIPAA regulations and provide various advantages to healthcare agencies, 专业人士, 和病人. These benefits include simplified access to EMR and EHR records, along with other valuable features.

  • 远程运行状况监控
  • 救护车遥测
  • 药物跟踪
  • 医院资产跟踪
  • 远程患者诊断
  • AI-ML驱动的健康诊断
  • 医院bwin足球平台解决方案
  • 医疗保险公司的物联网
  • 医疗物联网设备应用程序
  • 智能库存管理
A doctor using smart health iot based application for health monitoring and other operations


We help businesses save 30% on energy costs with our smart energy management solutions. 混合物联网传感器, AI-ML技术和大数据, businesses can get important insights on saving energy consumption and increase overall energy efficiency. Our 物联网 solutions for energy management help businesses in waste source identification and reduce carbon footprints with improved predictive energy optimization.

  • 智能电表系统
  • 能源设备远程监控
  • 预测能量优化
  • 数据分析
Smart energy management application based on iot for businesses to save energy costs


Unlock the new possibilities by meaningful integration of AI and ML technologies to your 物联网 applications.


汽车 运输

We use ML and deep learning algorithms to power computer vision that helps autonomous vehicles make decisions in a human way.



ML based apps can help doctors to treat patients in advance and save lives by having hands-on predictions based on their patient data.

精确农业 & 培养


Precision agriculture uses AI technology and 物联网 传感器 to aid in detecting diseases in plants, 害虫, 农场的植物营养不良.


时尚 零售

智能镜子组合传感器, 显示, and computer vision powered cams to offer shoppers trending clothing recommendations.



人工智能技术引领了自动化语音家庭的建设, 其功能由具有增强安全性的应用程序控制.


媒体 购物

It uses the user's history to suggest similar products or services. Just like the suggestions while shopping from Amazon or watching Netflix.



Smart inventory management is the use of 物联网 technology to monitor and optimize inventory levels, 减少浪费, 提高供应链管理效率.


Smart inventory management can help businesses save time and money by reducing inventory holding costs, 防止缺货, 提高整体库存的准确性.

What kind of 物联网 devices can be used for smart inventory management?

物联网设备,如RFID标签, 传感器, 条码扫描器可用于智能库存管理, 以及定制的bwin足球平台应用程序和基于云的分析平台.



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